BPH and uses of Cialis

There are too many factors in BPH causing urinary problems among older men to  discuss in detail here.* BPH is NOT cancer but an enlargement of the tissue and muscle in the prostate which puts pressure on the urethea causing weak, frequent and sometimes painful urination, especially at night. This is common in men as they age past 50 and more prevalent as the years pass.


ED (erectile dysfunction)

Need for frequent and urgent need to urinate

Weak flow and difficulty starting

Overweight men are more likely to develop BPH and obese men are 3.5 times more likely according to John Hopkins Hospital, (particularly those with abdominal fat).High blood sugar above 110is also a factor. Probably a good percentage of the men reading this article have BPH as I do.

Some remedies:

Saw Palmetto has been a standard for years but has some positive but also some negative research results. Worth trying especially if you add Nettle Root to the daily dose.

Then you can go on to Beta Sitosterol and even further to Finasteride(but this one while working well on BPH has negative effects on sexual function).

Also, in a study, men who took beta-sitosterol experienced greater improvements on two standardized assessments of prostate/urinary symptoms than men who took a placebo.  .”  LIFE EXTENSION FOUNDATION ADVISORY   May 22, 2016.


The problem is there is no generic Cialis made in Mexico and the 5 mg brand is 75 pesos per pill. If you are interested I have a quality source of 10 and 20 mg generic Cialis at a greatly reduced cost. Email me for information. For BPH just use a pill cutter to halve the 10mg pill. I have used Cialis for 2 months AND it works!!


There is a 63 page report from Scientific America Magazine and Johns Hopkins on BPH available by emailing me

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