Testosterone And Your Heart


Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is usually caused by an electrical disruption in the heart’s pumping action. Research in 

2014 revealed that lower levels of testosterone or higher levels of estrogen in men were associated with a greater risk 

of SCA .It is necessary to have blood levels of testosterone and estradiol (estrogen) checked to discover if 

testosterone is being converted to estrogen.

Each day in the USA there are about 1,000 SCA cases and the recovery rate is some 5%. Magnesium and Potassium 

are very important in regulating the heart’s electrical impulses. Deficiency of these minerals predisposes one to SCA.

Testosterone helps modulate the flow of potassium in its channels and with magnesium protects against too much 

calcium channel infiltration. Low testosterone is associated with EKG irregularities. Men with higher levels were 23% 

less likely to suffer SCA while men with higher estrogen levels were twice as likely to suffer SCA.

An analysis of studies by the American Heart Assoc. in 2013 corroborated that low levels T are associates with some 

14 different health issues including: Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, belly fat, cardiac death, abnormal EKG and 

obesity among others. This review concluded: “Low testosterone levels have been shown to be associated with higher 

levels of all cause and cardio vascular related mortality.” “In addition, the severity of coronary artery disease and CHF 

correlates with the degree of testosterone deficiency.” The conclusion: Testosterone replacement therapy improves 

insulin resistance, helps diabetics, and lowers risk of atherosclerosis.Men with a high risk of CVD usually have a 

greater propensity to convert testosterone to estrogen (aromatase). Excess estrogen (estradiol) causes blood platelets 

which increase the chance of clots.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Assoc. found that men under the lowest estradiol level were 317% 

more like to die from CVD and men above the highest level 133%. The balanced level for estradiol is 22 to30 pg/mL. 

This shows how important it is to have estradiol blood levels checked when contemplating Testosterone therapy. If 

the reading exceeds 30 simple steps can be taken to lower it. Many men have found that inches can be taken off their 

waist line by using testosterone therapy. Abdominal fat increases the conversion of testosterone to estrogen caused 

by the enzyme “aromatase”. Higher Testosterone levels DO NOT cause prostate cancer.

The next article is on BPH (enlarged prostate), ED (erectile dysfunction) and finally the therapy and supplements to 

help correct all we have talked about in these articles.