Smart Vitamin Buying

There are more than 1600 hundred vitamin/supplement brands in the USA made by fewer than 20 companies So prices are set by the type of marketing i.e. on line, retail stores, Drs web pages, MLMs (multi level marketing) and giant retailers’ private labels. Specifically ,a large vitamin manufacture which makes 18 different brands (all well recognized) with each having its own marketing. The products sold on line and the ones sold in the retail store have different brand names BUT the same inventory number, same strength, and same number of pills. However, the store brand is twice the price of the online brand.

Consumer Labs in New York, is the company that tests vitamins/supplements for quality, content, purity, ads, and price comparisons. The following is a quote from Consumer Labs after completing a massive survey of prices vs quality.  “ You certainly don’t need to pay the highest prices to get good quality supplements. In fact, Consumer Labs has found that some of the most economical products costing pennies per day are of better quality than premium priced supplements costing more than a dollar a day.”

Examples: cents per pill (same strength and number of pills)
- Co Q 10 9 vs 78      
- Lutein 9 vs 119    
- Magnesium 2 vs 83      
- Vit C 3 vs 78    
- Vit D3 4 vs 37  
- Fish Oil 5 vs 105

Consumer Labs’survey with answers from 10000 members  covered more than 1600 brands for popularity. It showed Life Extension Foundation to be the most popular overall. Others: Calcium and CO Q 10: Puritan Pride; Fish Oil and Multi Vit; Life Extension Foundation. Most popular on line retailer:  Swanson.

Vitamins are usually made from rock or coal tar and others are grown in nutritionally saturated water using plants like mustard seeds.  Calcium and Magnesium etc. are elements and cannot be changed chemically. Yes you can add to their structure (like Magnesium oxide or citrate)  or add additives but it has not changed the element itself. So vit C  is Vit C  without additives.

In my opinion on line Drs and MLM companies are the last place to buy supplements. They are rarely tested by Consumer Labs and probably do not have their own manufacturing facilities. These supplements are sold based on the doctors’ online reputation at very high prices. Some are made in China.

Supplements can be delivered anywhere in Mexico.