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Extending Lives has been in the health and fitness business since 1997. We sell supplements and vitamins and are available to consult on those products. Additionally, we have the most reliable and affordable package delivery service from the US to San Miguel de Allende, as well as several other major cities in Mexico.

Anti-aging vitamins

We are a wholesale distributor for Life Extension Foundation vitamins and products, meaning high-quality anti-aging vitamins at a discounted price.


Life Extensione has invested over 100 million in research. They introduced COQ10, DHEA, and the use of aspirin in heart attacks. Their supplements have been voted by over 20,000 members of Consumer Labs (the supplement testing company)as the most popular in the USA.

If you order LEF products through us we can offer discounts of 20% to 30% off of the single bottle retail price. After viewing their inventory, contact us to make your order.


As men reach 50-60 years old, most have BPH (excessive nighttime urination) caused by an enlarged prostate ( not to be confused with prostate cancer). While there are several remedies for this the best is Cialis. It’s been approved by the FDA for this. Generic Cialis is not made in Mexico and one 20mg brand name pill costs $15.00 in a drug stores.

Seeking a more affordable Cialis option?


Health news

Get your most up to date health information here - vitamins, supplements, the latest research and the best advice for longevity and well-being.


Human Longevity Newsletter

with research and recommendations from Life Extension Foundation (LEF), Fight Aging Research Institute

“I love the work you are doing for the people in Mexico. We are willing to help as much as we can, within our power.”
— Rudy Innocent, Wholesale Manager Administrator, LEF

Welcome to Extending Lives: San Miguel de Allende's Local Source for Longevity and Nutritional Needs

We are devoted to the continuing health and longevity of people of all ages, in every country around the world, specializing in the use of vitamins & minerals, with emphasis on those derived from plant sources.



“Aging is a species specific lifelong molecular program which takes into account stochastic environmental conditions. Aging is not the consequence of random damage nor is it simply a pseudo program.”

“Living species of all kinds have maximum known lifespans, without exception, Nothing ever lives beyond the maximum age for its species. Over history and also in recent decades there has been a steady increase in average expected human lifespan – by around 4 months for each passing year in Western societies. "

Ross Macdonald has written over 150 articles on exercise, health and vitamins for the Atencion newspaper and other Mexican newspapers over the past 18 years.


Extended Roads

We deliver supplements and packages to many cities in Mexico.


Looking for a delivery service to help you receive packages in Mexico? Extended Roads Delivery service is a reliable and affordable package delivery service. Click the button below to learn more.