Extending Lives has been in the health and exercise business since 1997.

We sell vitamins and supplements, and we are available to consult on these products.

We also have the most reliable and affordable PACKAGE DELIVERY SERVICE from the USA to SMA and other cities in Mexico.

We are a wholesale distributor for Life Extension Foundation vitamins and products.

These supplements have been voted by over 20,000 members of Consumer Labs (the supplement testing company)as the most popular in the USA.

Life Extension has invested over 100 million in research. They introduced CoQ10, DHEA, and the use of aspirin in heart attacks.


If you order LEF products through us, we offer discounts of 20% to 30% off the single bottle retail price (depending on the total value of the order)... and FREE SHIPPING TO SAN MIGUEL!

In addition to Life Extension products, Extending Lives also sells other major vitamin brands.
We can order for you from our inventory or from ANY VITAMIN SUPPLIER.


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